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John Williams Surrender Call

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By John Earl Williams


Well it all started about three years ago, all my life no one really understood me. I was a loner. Some people would say I wonder what's wrong with him. I was always happy on the outside but inside was where the real hate for the world was. I can remember when my mom left me. My real dad, well I never knew him. I had a stepfather. He was a good dad, but soon the high brass people came and took me and my brother and sister away from him. He was the only person I really loved in this messed up world.

I was sent to my aunt's where five children lived. It was ok at first until I wanted to have a family of my own. For five years I lived there until the day I wanted to leave. Sure it was a nice place to stay but not for me. The schools were even ok, you know, one of their high named schools. It was Glen Burnie High. I went to see the army recruiter and said to myself that's what I wanted, the Army life.

So, I dropped out of school. The only thing I really missed was a girl named Sharon . She was really the only thing that kept me going. I knew her since the seventh grade. She was the kind of girl every guy could ask for. Kind hearted, sweet and very good looking. I knew I loved her but never told her 'for the simple reason that I knew I would ~f her. Not because I wanted to but for the reason I had to. And sure enough I did.

Well, I moved back with my dad and things were going smooth. Until I met Joyce. The first time I saw her I knew I loved her. We went together for about two weeks and she knew I loved her and soon she told me she loved me. I remember the first day we went together. I never touched her until we came home and then I just put my arm around her. To tell you the truth, I liked her sister Pat better but she was not my kind, as I found out. But Joyce was · kind and sweet. We did a lot of things together before she finally said yes to me. You know, played around. I would ride her on my bike just so she would hold on to me. Just around Xmas I asked her and she said no. It hurt me again like I was getting to the point where I was just going to stay away from people. So I stayed away for awhile, until one night I was across the street in the store.

Pat came in and asked me where I have been. I told her and she said Joyce has been crying because I didn't come around no more. And so she left. She had to tell Joyce where I was because she came back and said Joyce wants to see me. I asked her what for, she just smiled and told me where to be and at what time. So I went at the place and on the corner was Joyce. I was not sure what to say or do so I just said hi and stood there looking around. She told me to sit down and then she sat next to me. She said she wanted to go with me. At first I didn't know what to do until I looked her in the eyes and kissed. her.

We had a ton of fun times together. Yes, we did have some fights too, and we went back together again over and over about seven times. I still. remember Xmas, my birthday. We all went up her sister's house. We were dancing and drinking. I got too drunk because a guy named Steve came up and I was in the kitchen drinking. Soon Ronnie asked me where Joyce was. I looked in the front room and said she was sitting next to Steve. Then it hit me he was trying to make it with Joyce, so I drank three more screw drivers right down. When I went into the front room Joyce was gone. I asked Pat where she was, she said outside I guess. So I went after her. She must have heard me because she was in the hall crying when I got there. I asked her what's wrong she said nothing, so I brought up Steve. I asked her what was Steve and her doing. She said nothing. Well I didn't believe her so I asked who she wants now, me or Steve. For awhile she said nothing so I asked again. This time she said Steve

I could not believe it. It hurt me bad and I started crying because I never loved a girl like I loved her. She said she would see me tomorrow and I said don't plan on it. I was drunk and that was just one more thing that I disliked and tried to kill myself. After she left I walked around for about half the night. I guess I went home around 1:00 and slept it off. The next day I felt bad about what happened and Joyce came to see me and said I was the only one she wants and asked me to forgive her and I did and held her in my arms and we were back together now. Until Jack Oliver came into the scene of my life, just something else to put up for safe keeping in my mind. I saw it coming

Soon we were fighting about him. I called her a bitch and she ran in her sister's house. When she came out we 'really got into it. The next thing I knew, we were broke up this time it was for good because I could not take no more. When she walked away I felt I could just start killing everything that moved. Well the next day, I go up about 12:00 and went up on Pratt Street to get some acid from this guy around 1:002:00 I saw Ronnie Brucaki and started sniffing glue and spray. I had all ready took seven hits of acid, windowpane to be for sure. About 3:40 I knew what time it was because I looked at my watch, I saw Joyce coming up Lombard Street . I wanted her back so bad. When she came up I asked her if she had changed her mind looked at me and said no. Well, now I really felt bad and was and feeling bad. I told her after today Joyce you'll never half to worry about me no more, and you can blame it all on yourself.

I wanted To die real bad and I tried to kill myself the same day, but something stopped me, but I still wanted to die. All my friends, I mean what friends I had just went on running over me. I wanted to show Lombard Street that they just can't run over me and get away With it. And this is the real story about April 3 or 4 I started planning the biggest shoot out they would ever see. Well around April 7 I had all the guns and ammo I needed. So I started looking for someone to help me, do for about a week and a half. So finally I found I told him what I was going to do. He said it sounded ok and he would help. I had it all set up and planned to the max.

I told him we had all the fire power we needed and about 1500 rounds of ammo. I did have it all, 300 mag, 2-30-06 pumps, 1-30-30 Winchester, 1-8 mm mag, 1-44 mag, 1-357 mag, 3-12 gage shotguns and 2-22' auto mags, also 1-30 mm carbine with a thirty round clip. All I needed was time and when Ronnie saw them he flipped out. He said you're for real, I said yes you're damned right I am. I told him to get ready, because about 5:00 we were going to. go to war. Then he said I think you're going to stiff (I said no way) he said I was.

I was going to show everyone they misunderstood me. At 4:30. I had already told Ronnie we would hit at 5:00. It was like in the army when we played war games I loved the army and the guns too. I ran out and looked for someone else to help me but no one was around so I went back home.

It was fifteen minutes to 5. I was going to go right then but a Ford came roaring up Lombard Street and police was right there so I waited up a little longer. Well ten minutes went by; I saw Ronnie on the other corner waiting. Well a~~~:00 April 6, it happened. By this time the street was clear.

Some people was out but too far away to be hit by flying rounds. My rifles were ready and so was I.

I picked up my 12 gauge shotgun and shot my windows out. Just as soon as the glass hit' the ground, the police came down Carey Street and rolled onto Lombard Street . He jumped out and shot up at me. I didn't want the police to get into it but I guessed he would not just stand there and. Let me shoot up the place. After he shot all his rounds he stood there like he was asking me shoot him, so I did. He just stood there like he was stiff. I picked up my B00 mag and shot his motor up. He called for back up and the next thing I knew police were all over the place. I really tried to stop from pulling the trigger but something just went in my mind to keep on shooting them. I know this is going to sound crazy but it was getting now.

Well we were shooting back and forth now and police were all over the place. They were running back and forth like they never seen this kind of thing before. It was just like at the movies or something out of the fifties. Well the T.V. men said four police were hit and it was 6:00. Now about 6:00 eleven police were hit. I never knew I hit any of them or even killed one of them. We shot back at each other some more and now I was coming to my head so my ammo was gone and if the police knew that they would never had let me out. The biggest thing Lombard Street had ever seen just took place. I was sitting there just thinking what to do next.

Well at first I wanted to just run out of the house with my guns in my hand. I felt good for now all that ever knew me knew I was not someone to run over now. I felt high still and fell down once or twice, then I made it down to the telephone called the "0". She called the police. The police did not believe me at first so they called somebody and got back to me. They asked me what I wanted. I told them I wanted to come out with my hands up in the air. I think, that was the biggest mistake I ever made in my life besides being born.. I knew the police were going to beat me so I knew what I had coming to me. Well I came to the door and opened it up, I saw the police all over the place. I heard some of them say kill him but one of the officers said hold your fire and they did. I went to the top step and they told me to lay on the ground face first. They were on me like ants on sugar. Well they beat me for about five hours and then took me to City jail' where I was put on C section. The guards were ok. They never touched me at all. Some of them even said they feel bad but they can understand it.

The police kept on asking me why I did it. I was scared because I was thinking maybe they would kill me any way. See I have never been locked up before. I was down the police station but they let me go. It was for a handgun charge with two others, all of us was let go.

The other two got probation for two years. Well over C.T. State Hospital for ninety days .where I met some friends and they were ok. Amos, a guy I met was in jail for using D.M.T. and was a pretty cool guy not to mention he was high all the time. The only thing I never can do again is look at my friends and family without thinking there is something wrong with me. See I know they are going to put me away for along time and just forget about me. I get mail from a lot of guys from New York saying I can make big money up to $100,000 for killing high brass people and do it for a living. I never wrote them back. I know the police would like to have them letters real bad, because they could stop a lot of killings be getting them guys, but I really don't know what to do with them. I remember when I was in the army. I loved to play in the Ear game until they put me out, so I joined the N.G. of Maryland . I was in the 243 Eng. Co. Well I guess they will discharge me soon. Well. one Monday morning we were outside playing softball and they came and got me. They took me back to city jail where I met some more guys, Parus, Trice and Watson. They were all under U.S.M. law. My cell partner was Ray and he got busted for pot in jail. Now how do you like that.