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Cirlce Of Hell
Inmate accused of Killing Guard
Job Action
NEWS ARTICLE 6.11.74 Protective custody inmate testifies
NEWS ARTICLE 3.13.76 Jail elevator crushes inmate
NEWS ARTICLE 3.30.75 No help learning to be free
NEWS ARTICLE 5.7.76 Escaper gets 6 months for variation of 7 step
NEWS ARTICLE 6.6.74 Four inmates in knifing
NEWS ARTICLE 6.21.74 Inmate says guard beat him at pen
NEWS ARTICLE 1.30.74 Judge enjoins state pen from harrassing inmates who sued it
NEWS ARTICLE Midgett is given 35 yrs in kidnap
NEWS ARTICLE Midgett retrial today
NEWS ARTICLE Mother files suit over son's death in jail
NEWS ARTICLES 10.20.70 Bail reduced for 6 on riot charges

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Press Coverage

Justice - By Whose Standards?
Penitentiary's South Wing Closes
Appleby assails Schmoke
Appleby parries thrusts by prosecutor
Appleby proves he's a man of words
Appleby soys he stabbed in order to save own life
Appleby testifies he stabbed prison guards
Appleby trial in guard's slaying depicts Pen
Guard claims Toulson's stabbing
Guard testifies to inmate beating
Inmate beating being probed by State Police
Inmate's trial begins in stabbing of Pen guard
Pen on trial along with inmate
Police probing inmates' beatings
South Wing at Pen said to turn chaotic
Trial opens for inmate