A True Crime Venue for Those Who Appreciate the Unfiltered Truth
Criminal Court is populated by a wide range of individuals who have all fallen far from God's grace. Some have dropped way further than others. Lots of folks are arbitrarily sent to prison for arbitrary periods of time. Some should be in prison. Most should not. Those who are really, really, unlucky can be sentenced to death. And some few even more unfortunates are executed.

In Maryland the judiciary presides over a justice system that can and does periodically execute a citizen or two. Just because it can. On a daily basis these Gods in red and black robes help sort through thousands of instances of criminal behavior. They then ship hundreds of its citizens to a stalag in State, for a short period or forevermore. All court personnel are overwhelmed. There are some people who should be judges and some who most definitely should not . Our adversarial, competitive justice system provides a stage for the very best and worst of human nature. Most of those people who apply this power daily, the judges and the prosecutors, manage to keep the intrusion of their personal frustrations and failings to a minimum and attempt to achieve a "just" resolution of complex issues. This arena can be hectic or slow, stimulating or boring, tragic or comic. The struggle there is often exhausting and is always important or critical to someone.

In some instances the people who occupy those demanding positions asserting their sense of fairness in terms of freedom, imprisonment or sometimes death, should never have been permitted to assume such power. They are dangerous. Even if these powerful people are fundamentally flawed they have been successful in acquiring the judgeship. They can usually bring about the results they want. They are held in high esteem because they are perceived as clever, impartial and able to make fair decisions. This is the only occupation in our society which can exercise such power over the individual citizen. Sometimes it's life or death. On a routine basis many guess about prison or freedom.